Ways to Support our Trail

We are thrilled that you enjoyed our sculpture trail. Your positive energy and enthusiasm add an additional patina of joy to everyone’s experience. We can’t thank you enough!

Financial Donations also help us keep the trail maintained and available to all. It is a labor of love and is open free of charge to the public on Easter weekend through January 1st (weather permitting). All donations, large and tiny, are appreciated and help us to add to the trail and maintain it.

One Time Donation


Please consider supporting our creativity and our Sculpture Trail by becoming one of our patrons on the Patreon platform.

Patreon is a way for supporters of the trail to send us a monthly recurring donation to help our endeavors year-round.

Heather updates our Patreon feed with once-a-month exclusive behind-the-scenes videos of our creative process and new work. Patrons also have access to digital downloads of Heather’s digital work, letters in the mail, early bird access to ceramic art fresh out of the kiln, and more.

Thank you so much!