Trail Map

We are so grateful for the support of the Martha’s Vineyard and Massachusetts Cultural Councils. Their funding this year is helping us create our Magical Way Station.


16 Marion’s Way
Chilmark, MA


Gift Shop Hours:

Easter Weekend – May 1st
Saturday: 11-5
Sundays: 2 – 5

May – September
Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 11-5
Sundays: 2 – 5

October – Christmas
Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10-4
Sundays: 2 – 4

January – April
by appointment. Please call 508-955-9944


9 am – dusk daily Easter – December


The Main Trail

The Perimeter Path was the first trail we opened in July 2020 during the pandemic, creating an imaginative retreat where people could take their minds off world events. The following winter, the Sentinel Circle and Tree Spirits dancing arrived, adding to the magic.

The Story Circle

In 2021, we created the Story Circle, and in the winter of 2022, the driftwood dragon, Lyre, landed in the middle of it, inspiring us to adjust the narrative for him.

The Magical Way Station

The Fairy Campground was conceived in the fall of 2023 and started to take shape the following winter. Magical travelers from various realms began to arrive in the spring of 2024, even before it was finished! We can’t wait to share their stories before they travel on.

Every year, we expand and improve upon the trail, and we are overjoyed to share it with you.

If you feel moved to contribute to the maintenance and creativity of this ongoing project, please click here to reach our donation page. Your generosity helps us keep the magic alive and growing.